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  • Are you a single gay man, bisexual, or lesbian, or are you in a long-term gay relationship and dreaming of having children?

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  • Becoming a surrogate will be one of the proudest accomplishments of your life. Advocates for Surrogacy offers our surrogates the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your journey will be safe, secure and stress-free.

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  • Becoming an Egg Donor is the most amazing gift you can give another.  In return, you receive fantastic compensation for your time and commitment.

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Intended Parents

If you are deciding whether to work with a surrogacy agency,
here is what you need to know:
a surrogacy agency
must do much more than find a surrogate for you.  At Advocates for Surrogacy, we operate as your project manager for your entire surrogacy journey.

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Becoming a Surrogate

If you decide that you want to become a surrogate, you will give the most precious gift you can possibly give another. This journey should be filled with warmth, love, and generosity of spirit.

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Becoming an Egg Donor

You provide an incredible gift!
In recognition of your time
and commitment,
we ensure you receive
excellent compensation
and support.

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Surrogacy Programs

You have unique needs and we have creative solutions and programs to meet those needs.  We carefully walk you through all the options available and offer an extended consultation period free of charge.

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Welcome to Advocates for Surrogacy

We are pleased you are visiting us!    We hope that our surrogacy agency succeeds in conveying our sincere desire to bring knowledge, integrity, professionalism and compassion to the surrogacy process.  As a full service surrogacy agency, we aim to provide the highest level of surrogacy agency services and support to our parents, egg donors and surrogate moms.  Whether you are looking to become a surrogate, find a surrogate, become an egg donor or are seeking international surrogacy options, we will provide consultation, educate you on the process and guide you each and every step of the way.  Our agency supports gay parenting and gay surrogacy.  Our director has been providing family building options to gay parents for almost two decades.

We handle surrogacy arrangements for Intended Parents across the United States as well as international surrogacy options for those living outside the United States.  We are here to help you find a surrogate match that is perfect for you.  We help couples and individuals to realize their dreams regardless of marital status, sexual preference, and are proud to support gay surrogacy.

Do you want to find a surrogate?  Do you want to become a surrogate?  Do you want to know the cost of surrogacy?  Our surrogacy agency provides answers to these questions and we take a great deal of time to explain the process.  Our web site is the first step in understand the surrogacy process and the role of a good surrogacy agency.   If you still have questions, then give us a call or send an email.

If you are gay, we ensure that legal issues related to the gay surrogacy journey are taken into account and provide the best options available.  We will  find a surrogate who is open to gay surrogacy and is supportive of gay surrogacy.

If you want to become a surrogate we offer advice and we can answer your questions about the requirements that you must meet if you want to become a surrogate.  Making the decision to become a surrogate requires an  understanding of the requirements and the type of commitment it takes to become a surrogate.  Our role is to help you to become a surrogate.  Our mission is to make your journey stress free and safe.  We want you to feel and to know that you are in good hands.

Cost of surrogacy is often an important factor when considering a surrogacy arrangement.  We offer a wide range of programs and creative solutions to meet your particular needs and budget.  Determining the overall cost of surrogacy can be affected by many different factors.   We do our best to be thorough and explain the various factors that affect the cost of surrogacy.  We approach each surrogacy journey individually and  are sensitive to our clients’ needs in maintaining a budget to control the cost of surrogacy.   We present a surrogate candidate to you we include a financial analysis based on the surrogate’s unique situation so that you can fully determine whether a particular candidate is the right candidate for you and your budget.

Contact us today to start the conversation about how you can realize your dream of becoming a parent and to have us find a surrogate who is right for you.  We will explain how we will guide you through the process each and every step of the way.  If you are gay, we can explain how we support the gay surrogacy journey.   Ask about the Illinois surrogacy advantage and discover how Illinois can shave off thousands of dollars to the cost of surrogacy. If you live outside of the U.S. we offer international surrogacy options for you here in the U.S.  We can talk to you about IVF medical procedures abroad for a fraction of the cost, embryo adoption and other creative approaches and solutions to turning your desire of becoming a parent through surrogacy into a reality for you!