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Cost of Surrogacy: Navigating Medical Costs

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The medical costs involved in a surrogacy arrangement including screening of surrogate candidates, egg donors, intended parents, IVF costs, frozen transfer costs, prenatal care and delivery can be overwhelming.   First, there is the medical terminology and the medical process that one has to grasp:  oocytes, embryos, ovarian stimulation, implantation, synchronization, IVF, ICSI, assisted hatching and the list goes on.

Second, there is the insurance issue and determining whether particular insurance covers a surrogacy pregnancy.  If so, what are the yearly deductibles?  What about co-pays?  If the e’rogate is not insured, what are the options?  For example, is private insurance available in the surrogate’s  state?  If not, what other options are there? What is “complications” insurance?  Is self pay an option?

Then there is the issue of sorting through the many program options fertility clinics offer including:  guarantee programs, refund programs, and multi-package programs.   Sometimes these package prices do not include important and costly items such as medications, screening costs for Intended Parents and surrogate carriers, anesthesia and other costs.


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