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Surrogacy Using Donated Embryos?

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Many of those seeking to build their families through assisted reproduction using a surrogate or who are trying to decide between adoption and assisted reproduction using a surrogate are not aware of the option of using donated embryos and the significant overall savings in the cost of surrogacy that such and arrangement can provide.

Many individuals and couples who have gone through IVF have remaining embryos that have been frozen and that they don’t plan to use in the future.  These individuals or couples may decide that they would rather donate the embryos to another couple or individual rather than destroy them, donate them to science or to continue to store them indefinitely.

Depending on the source of the donated embryo, a fertility clinic or embryo matching agency, there will  be a varying amount of information available on the gamete donors whose gametes originally formed the embryos including, social, educational, personal and family medical history.

The cost savings are enormous when using donated embryos requiring what is known as a “frozen transfer” rather than a full IVF cycle which is often about one third the cost of an IVF cycle.  Further, for those who are going to need an egg donor, all the costs associated with an egg donor (including agency fees and egg donor screening and compensation) can be avoided.  These costs of using an egg donor can easily exceed $20,000 and total savings for a surrogacy arrangement using donated embryos can exceed $35,000-$40,000.



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