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Surrogacy in India: Exploitation?

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In a recent CBS News report on surrogacy in India, the question of whether Indian women are being exploited is at issue. In an effort to save money on the high cost of surrogacy, many couples and individuals from around the world are choosing India for their surrogacy arrangments.  There are strong proponents and opponents   …Continue Reading

Resolve’s Advocacy Day for High Cost of Infertility Treatments

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Are you angry about the high costs associated with infertility treatments and adoption? Do you want to feel a sense of control while you’re dealing with infertility? Do you want more understanding from your elected officials about the disease of infertility? Stand up and be heard.

National Infertility Awareness Week

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National Infertility Week is a movement to raise awareness  about the disease of infertility which affects 7.3 million Americans Vist which is the official site for National Infertility Awareness Week and has great information about infertility, greeting cards to send friends who have provided support, how to get involved and many more interesting facts and information

Madonna’s Planned Second Adoption and Her Status as Single Mother

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News reports indicate that Madonna is planning to adopt a second child in Malawi. One of the obstacles she faces  appears to be her single status. Though more than likely Madonna will prevail in her adoption, this is a prime example of the obtacles faced by gay and lesbians as they consider international adoption as a   …Continue Reading

International surrogacy as a viable option

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Current economic woes coupled with the increasing difficulties of adopting internationally make international surrogacy an intriguing and indeed viable option.  India now has the leading international surrogacy program but other programs are available as well, Guatemala being one of them.  Guatemala’s advantage over India, particularly for North Americans is relatively easy travel requirements with daily   …Continue Reading