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Gay Parenting: Numbers reflect need for community support

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The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law reviewed findings from four recent large, national, population-based surveys to derive estimates of the size of the LGBT community and same-sex married and unmarried couple families. Findings included that same-sex couples were raising an estimated 200,000 children under the age of 18, of whom 30,000 are being   …Continue Reading

What Gay Parents Need to Know about Birth Certificates

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Establishing parentage for gay parents in surrogacy arrangements is not necessarily accomplished by being named on the birth certificate. There is a common misconception that if your name appears on a birth certificate, this is enough to establish parentage rights.  It is important to understand that having one’s name appear on a child’s birth certificate is evidence   …Continue Reading

LGBT Parents: 2010 Census

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According to the recent research brief published by Gary Snyder on February 12, 2013 published by the Williams Institute: “Parenting of biological, adopted, and step children among same-sex couples raising children, Census 2010 estimates show that more than 111,000 same-sex couples (17%) are raising nearly 170,000 biological, step, or adopted children. Among female couples, nearly   …Continue Reading