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Embryo Adoption

Many prospective parents who have opted for assisted reproductive technology often have unused embryos remaining after the medical process.  Rather than donating them to medical science, keeping them cryo preserved indefinitely or destroying them, they decide that they would like to donate their embryos to other hopeful parents through the process of “embryo adoption”.

Embryo adoption is a compelling option for:

  1. Those prospective parents who do not have gametes (sperm or eggs) to contribute to the formation of embryos\
  2. Those seeking to build their family without the overriding desire to be genetically related to their child
  3. Those who were initially on the road to adoption and have found the roadblocks and challenges insurmountable
  4. Those considering surrogacy but looking to reduce expenses of medical process

The recipient parent/s’ receive comprehensive medical and social information on the embryo donors.  The costs involved in this type of arrangement are up to 70% less than if parents opt to form embryos from the beginning.

The legal process safeguards issues such as parenting rights and issuance of a birth certificate in receiving parent/s’ names.

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