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Five Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Agency After You Have Asked the Basics

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When choosing a surrogacy agency, you will find many lists with important basic questions to ask agencies which you are considering for your surrogacy journey. These lists will include questions such as: How long have you been in business? How many surrogacy arrangements have you completed? Have you been sued?

These questions should remain on your list; however, there are some other questions to ask a surrogacy agency that should be included on your list that you may not have considered and the answers to these questions can provide a great deal of insight into your experience as a whole.Intended Parents Questions for Surrogacy Agency

  1. Will I be assigned to one staff person to handle my case and who is that person? This question will highlight whether you will work with several individuals or one. If yes, then what is the background and experience does this staff member have?
  2. Is there one person who will manage my overall surrogacy process? What you are after here is whether you are going to need to work with serial case workers who may not have the depth and breadth of experience that one overall manager may have.
  3. Is there a staff attorney who can interface with outside attorneys and manage the legal process? This becomes particularly important when two states are involved and perhaps another country. Oversight of the legal team is necessary.
  4. How much money does the agency require to begin? If some funds are for third party vendors, where are the funds held pending payment to those vendors?
  5. Does the agency work with an independent escrow company for deposit of surrogate’s compensation?  This is one of the costliest factors in your surrogacy arrangement and you want to understand whether funds are held by the agency or by an independent escrow company.

The answers to these questions can give you more insight into the day to day dealings with your agency. When you read reviews of many agencies, one of the criticisms that one sees often is that clients and surrogates felt tossed about from one case worker to another.