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Georgia’s Anti-IVF Legislation Thwarted

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The Georgia State Senate was poised to pass a law, Senate Bill 169, that had the potential to regulate IVF out of existence in Georgia.

The Georgia legislature will have no further action on Senate Bill 169 in the recently concluded session in large part to a concerted lobby effort by patients,doctors, and pro-family-building lawyers who testififed and joined the fight.

The fight must continue because threatening legislation is pending in 14 states and some are are projecting that number will double next year.

Resolve, which is a National Infertility Association that provides support and advocates for men and women facing infertility is a major force in the fight against this legislation.

If you face infertility or if you are gay or lesbian and are considering or may in the future consider Assisted Reproductive Technology and/or surrogacy to help build your family, then it is important to get involved.