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Getting Started

Are you curious about becoming a Surrogate?

Want to know if you qualify?

We are here to:

Explain the process of becoming a surrogate;

See if you meet the requirements;

Answer all your questions;

Decide if becoming a gestational surrogate is right for you and see if we are the right agency for you;

Figure out the best timing for you;


If you can answer “yes” to these questions you are off to a good start!

  • Are you a mom who has given birth with at least one full term uncomplicated pregnancy?
  • Between the age of 21-40?
  • No more than 2, maybe 3 c-sections?
  • You don’t use recreational drugs or abuse alcohol and are a non-smoker?
  • Not currently on anxiety medications?
  • You are a U.S. Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen currently residing in U.S.?

Welcome to Your Dream Team! Here is what we do for you….


Personal and individual 24/7 guidance every single step of the way throughout the entire process by our Founder, Candace O’Brien. Your journey is not 9-5, M-F so neither is our support for you. You are exceptional and you deserve exceptional support during your journey.

You will have a world class team of professional women who are as passionate and excited for your journey as Candace to include: your own independent attorney; your insurance team to make sure you have the right health insurance and life insurance in place; your finance team who are in charge of making sure all money due you in your contract with Intended Parents is escrowed and is paid to you on time; licensed mental health counselors who are there for you in the beginning and during the process; And of course none of this costs you. It’s all paid for and in addition to your compensation.


We have an online surrogate mentoring and support group. We know you are busy moms with full lives. We always have an active online group but it’s not meant to add more obligations to your already too long list. Just know that you are not alone and you always have a place to go to meet other surrogates who are on a journey with us when you want.

You have plans and dreams for you and your family. Our surrogates typically earn between $54,000-$69,000+, if experienced. In California, surrogates earn $70,000-$80,000.  However, you set your compensation requirements. In exchange for your generous and giving spirit, the money you earn can help you achieve goals and dreams.


Here’s what some of our surrogates have to say about their experience

Crystal G

It has been a really good experience working with advocates of surrogacy. Especially with Candace she was really nice and helped me through everything answered any questions made sure everything was going the way it was supposed to.

Crystal G


Julissa Mejia

I had a wonderful experience with this amazing agency! Since day one Candace was a sweetheart (she still is). Very professional and very smart ❤️ She did a spectacular job and I don’t regret any minute choosing her and her agency! I will recommend this agency to anyone who will need a surrogate or wishes to be one!

Julissa Mejia

Lea D.

This was a great experience for me! Candace is awesome! Friendly, helpful, and on top of things. I have and would recommend this company to anyone looking to help others and help yourself in the process. This journey really helped me realize how much I love to help people. Will definitely consider doing it again.

Lea D.