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Hidden Cost Factors in Surrogacy Arrangements

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While base compensation for a surrogate is typically the main cost factor when considering matching with a particular surrogate, there are hidden cost factors in surrogacy arrangements that can drive up costs significantly and which are often overlooked by Intended Parents or not fully discussed by agencies or attorneys with Intended Parents, as follows:

1. Lost Wages for surrogates who are employed.  Typical provisions in agreements will provide reimbursement for lost wages for medical appointments, travel, and bed rest.  If the surrogate is required to travel long distances for fertility treatments, experiences complications during pregnancy which require more doctor visits or is prescribed bed rest, reimbursements for lost wages can become a significant cost factor.

2. Child Care provisions typically apply when the surrogate is prescribed bed rest, for travel over x miles and for transfer and delivery dates.  While such a provision may seem innocuous in the agreement, these costs can add up.

3.  Housekeeping provisions typically apply for prescribed bed rest and perhaps in the late stages of pregnancy and post delivery.

4.  Travel reimbursements if surrogate is required to travel for fertility treatments and post pregnancy monitoring by the fertility clinic (typically 9-10 weeks and can include 1 visit per week).  Reimbursements can include hotel stays, per diem allowances for food and miscellaneous expenses, airline tickets or mileage costs, lost wages, child care.

I have not included insurance costs in this list because this is typically not a “hidden cost”.


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