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Learn More About the Surrogate Mother Requirements

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For a woman who is considering whether to become a surrogate, there are many considerations to understand.  First, a woman must meet the basic requirements for becoming a surrogate.  Secondly, a woman must understand the commitment and expectations that being a surrogate requires.   


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The following are some additional considerations besides meeting the basic requirements.

  • Travel restrictions

Surrogacy contracts impose restrictions on travel during pregnancy.  International travel is not allowed for the entire process once you sign a contract with Intended Parents.  Further, contracts significantly restrict travel outside the surrogate’s state during the second trimester and closer to the delivery hospital in the third trimester.  

  • Attending Appointments 

During the screening process and later once a surrogate starts medications there are many appointments.  Being able to take time off work to attend appointments is critical. 

  • Sexual abstention 

Depending on a woman’s method of contraception, adjustments may need to be made.  For example, if a woman is on Nexplanon which is an implant in the arm, she will need to be off this form of contraception for 2-3 months before starting the medical regimen.  Therefore, extreme precaution and other forms of birth control must be considered during this time.  Once a woman starts medications to prepare for the embryo transfer, she must abstain from intercourse for about 6 -7 weeks.  

  • Medication protocol and compliance

The medical protocol must be followed exactly.  There are usually subcutaneous injections involved.  There are many appointments that MUST be attended to monitor how well the surrogate is responding to the medications in preparation for the transfer.

  • Communication with Intended Parents

Intended Parents can be nervous about the process.  After all, this is a new relationship with someone they don’t know very well who they are placing a great deal of trust and reliance on.  Communication is key to creating trust.   This is an added layer of responsibility for a woman who decides to become a surrogate.


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These are some but not all issues that may affect a woman’s decision to become a surrogate.  The surrogate’s agency can help work through these questions and go over the process very carefully. 

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