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Men Having Babies – The Biology Question

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One question that gay couples often ask is about their biological parenting options.  There are several options available:

  1. Perhaps the most straightforward option is having one partner/spouse become the sperm donor for the first pregnancy and the other partner/spouse becoming the parent for the second.
  2. When using an egg donor, assuming that she produces enough healthy eggs, some eggs can be fertilized with the first partner/husband’s sperm and some eggs can be frozen and then later fertilized with the sperm of the other partner/husband’s sperm.  It is also possible to ask the egg donor if she will agree to two cycles of stimulation.
  3. When using an egg donor, the eggs can be divided and fertilized separately with each partner/husband’s sperm and then one embryo from each separate batch is implanted into the surrogate mother.  If one pregnancy is achieved, then genetic testing can determine who the genetic father is.
  4. If a relative of one partner/husband is the egg donor and the other partner/husband is the sperm donor,  then both will be related to the child.

Legal considerations will include whether both husband/partners want to be named on the birth certificate or whether a second parent adoption proceeding will be the chosen path for ensuring both parents are listed on the birth certificate. This will be determined by the state where the birth takes place.

Another important factor that gay couples must consider in any surrogacy situation  is protecting the parental rights and obligations of both parents.  It is important to note that being named on a birth certificate alone does not guarantee the full protection of law.

All of these issues should be discussed and decided prior to beginning the surrogacy journey.

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