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LGBTQ Surrogacy

LGBTQ surrogacy

Advocates for Surrogacy has worked with many LGBTQ couples in their quests to become parents through surrogacy. We know that children can grow and develop just as happily and healthily with LGBTQ parents as they can in families that have heterosexual parents.

Advocates for Surrogacy is dedicated to providing our LGBTQ clients with the highest level of service for their surrogacy journeys. Our LGBTQ clients have particular needs and legal concerns that our straight clients do not face. We understand our LGBTQ clients’ concerns, the legal issues that are important to address and the more personal concerns our LGBTQ clients have about surrogacy.

Why Advocates for Surrogacy?

Experience and Knowledge. Our Founder and President, Candace O’Brien,  is an attorney with almost two decades of helping the LGBTQ community become parents through surrogacy and adoption.  Advocates for Surrogacy has successfully completed complicated international surrogacy arrangements with particularly difficult hurdles.  Candace is a member of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Our LGBTQ clients can move forward in their goal to become parents through surrogacy with peace of mind knowing they are in capable hands.

Approach. We are your project manager for your entire surrogacy journey from matching to birth and beyond. We are a constant source of advice, consultation and facilitation ensuring the journey is smooth by overseeing all the details that go into surrogacy. We work with open-minded surrogates who are eager to help LGBTQ couples and individuals to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

Cost. Advocates for Surrogacy offers all of this expertise and service for a much lower fee than the vast majority of surrogacy agencies. We understand that clients have concerns about the overall costs of surrogacy. Advocates for Surrogacy is adept at cost containment and we guide our clients in understanding and avoiding the pitfalls that drive up costs of surrogacy.

The most important issue is having a team of experienced professionals who understand the issues most pertinent to LGBTQ Intended Parents. Advocates for Surrogacy has a wide network of professionals experienced in LGBTQ surrogacy that we bring together as your team to ensure a safe and rewarding journey that meets your needs as a LGBTQ Intended Parent.