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Our Role as Your Surrogacy Agency

Your Surrogacy Advocate

As our name suggests, Advocates for Surrogacy is your advocate for the entire process beginning to end.  Advocating for our clients throughout this process is our passion.

Our initial consultation period is designed to help you to express your needs, your concerns, understand the process, and understand our role as your surrogacy agency.  We empower you through sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Your Project Manager

A surrogacy arrangement has many moving parts.  There is the fertility clinic.  There is the surrogate matching process.  There is the screening process.  There is the legal process. There is the insurance process.  There is the medical process.  There is the facilitation during pregnancy.  There is the financial management aspect.  You need an experienced project manager who can keep the train on the rails.

Your General Counsel

Navigating the legal waters of surrogacy is an essential ingredient of the success of this process. The state where your surrogate delivers will determine when and how your parental rights will be secured. Each state has different laws (or lack of laws) and procedures regarding surrogacy. Some states prohibit surrogacy. You will work directly with our director, an attorney, who will expertly guide you through deciding which states are best for you.

If you are gay or live overseas, there are  particular considerations that are important to this process and having an advocate with the experience and legal background is essential. Our President is an attorney and a member of the American Bar Association Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology.  She understand how to navigate these waters.

As your surrogacy agency, we assist you in assembling the legal team. Our President, Candace O’Brien, oversees the legal process and advises you about the the legal requirements of the particular state where your surrogate will deliver. This begins during the matching process and continues through the execution of your agreement with a surrogate. You will not find yourself matched with a surrogate and trying to find lawyers and navigate through the legal process on your own.

Your Surrogacy Risk Manager

Risk management is essential.  Insurance is perhaps the single most important element of risk management in your surrogacy journey.  We will explain to you the various options that are available.  We ensure that proper insurance is in place before beginning the medical process. We work with the the industry’s leading insurance experts in evaluating all options.  Fertility clinics often have various cost packages, guarantee and refund programs which offer clients more predictable medical costs and Advocates for Surrogacy will assist you and guide you in evaluating these options.

Your Surrogacy Match Maker

Matching with the right surrogate is crucial to a successful journey.  Surrogate candidates are screened initially through interviews with our director and completion of extensive intake forms and questionnaires.  Generally, these initial interviews and intake sessions can take a total of four – five hours.   Surrogate candidates are also assessed by licensed psychologists. We conduct background checks on surrogate candidates. Making the right match is critical! And yet, it is just the beginning.

Your Guide in Choosing Your Fertility Clinic

If you do not have a preferred fertility clinic, then as your surrogacy agency, we assist you in identifying and comparing various fertility clinic programs including guarantee programs, refund programs, financial assistance programs so that you are also matched with a clinic that meets your needs.

You need an Egg Donor?

As your surrogacy agency, we will guide you through the many options that are available for egg donors and eggs.  We will discuss the various options you have including frozen egg banks, fertility clinic egg donor programs, egg donor agencies, and embryo donation.  We will guide you, advocate for you, coordinate with the egg donor agency, clinics, attorneys.

Your Surrogacy Case Manager

As your surrogacy agency, we continually facilitate the process throughout the pregnancy. Ongoing case management is designed to address the day to day issues, ensure compliance by your surrogate and/or egg donor, and intervention by legal or mental health staff as needed.

Should there be a need for professional counseling support by a mental health professional during the process for you or your surrogate, we will arrange the support and will ensure that you are working with top notch professionals with particular expertise in the particular issues involved.

Offering a Comprehensive Package of Surrogacy Services

As your surrogacy agency, our goal is to provide a comprehensive package of services that includes matching and screening surrogates, expert legal consultation, oversight, and risk management to make your surrogacy journey as positive and stress-free as possible. You can approach this incredible journey with confidence knowing that you have a dedicated team of professionals assembled by a pro all dedicated to supporting and advising you through your entire journey to parenthood and beyond.

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of becoming a parent – whether you are gay, straight, married or single, living in the United States or abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming parents through surrogacy, we encourage you to contact us directly for a free consultation with our President and Founder, Candace O’Brien. We are here to help you explore this exciting option!