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Preparing to Become a Surrogate

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becoming a surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is a significant commitment and involves various physical, emotional, and legal considerations. Here are some steps a potential surrogate can take in preparing to become a surrogate and to speed up the process.:

1. Research: Start by researching the surrogacy process, the legalities involved, and the requirements for becoming a surrogate in your state. Read books, online resources, and talk to other surrogates to gain a better understanding of the process. Contact an agency who can walk you through the process and answer questions.
2. Book appointment with PCP or ob/gyn: A surrogate must be in good physical health. Before becoming a surrogate, you should schedule a check-up with your healthcare provider to ensure you are healthy enough to carry a pregnancy to term. Ask for a clearance letter or contact a surrogacy agency who can provide a clearance letter.
3. Support System: Consider the support system available to you including your partner, family, and friends, and discuss the process with them. It is crucial when preparing to become a surrogate to have a strong support system in place before, during, and after the pregnancy. You may want to ask an agency if they are willing to speak with your partner or a main support person who may have questions.
4. Understand Expectations: Understand what will be expected of you throughout the process, including any medical appointments, lifestyle changes, and restrictions. Make sure you are comfortable with the expectations and requirements required of you before agreeing to become a surrogate.
5. Financial Stability: Consider the financial implications of becoming a surrogate, including any lost wages or time off work, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and compensation for your time and effort. Surrogates need to be in a stable position where they can meet their basic living requirements and pay their basic bills. Compensation does not start until a surrogate is pregnant and it is confirmed by fetal heartbeat so any compensation that is received in this process is not guaranteed.
6. Medical Records: Reach out to a surrogacy agency and ask for a medical release so that you can have your medical records sent to the agency ahead of time. Medical records include the ob/gyn(s) who you received prenatal care from, delivery hospital(s) and recent pap smear results.
7. Pap Smear: If you have not had a recent pap smear (last 12 months), you should book an appointment to complete one.
8. If you have private insurance that you purchased through the exchange or employer provided, you should contact your insurance provider and ask for the FULL plan booklet (not the summary plan) which is usually in pdf format.
9. If you are not sure you meet the requirements to become a surrogate, take 2 minutes to complete this questionnaire to find out!

Remember, the decision to become a surrogate is a personal one and requires careful consideration. Take the time to think about your decision and ensure you are comfortable with the process and requirements before committing to becoming a surrogate. Use these tips in preparing to become a surrogate.

If you have any questions or concerns, Advocates for Surrogacy welcomes the opportunity to talk with you. We are here to walk you through the process, the requirements, discuss your expectations as well as those you can expect from Intended Parents and the professionals that support you in the process. You can call/text us directly: (305) 984-2154 or email: Visit our website which is full of information!

becoming a surrogate

Research before you jump!

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