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Egg Donor Compensation and Expenses

Expense Description  Fees and Costs AFS Admin Fees
Egg Donor Agency* $4,500-$6,000 $1,000 for cycle coordination with fertility clinic and egg donor agency.$2,500 if client identified egg donor not through agency$0 if donor through fertility clinic or frozen bank
Egg Donor Compensation $5,000-$10,000
Egg Donor Travel Deposit TBD based on travel requirements, if any
Egg Donor Psych Screening $400 – $500
Egg Donor Medical Screening** $800-$1,000
IP Legal Representation for Agreement with Egg Donor $750-$1,500
Egg Donor Legal Representation for Agreement with IP $350-$750
Insurance for Egg Donor (Life)Complications Insur (optional- some clinics require) $350$500
Total: $12,150-$20,600  $0-$2,500

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*Note: Some IVF clinics also have egg donor programs or work with frozen egg banks which can save substantial costs.

**Sometimes insurance plans will cover some or all of the screening costs.