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Surrogate Expenses and Reimbursements

These are general ranges but all are negotiable and may vary

Description Amount
Monthly non accountable allowance for travel to and from appointments under 100 miles, non prescription medications and vitamins $100-$250 per month
Maternity Clothing Allowance $500 singleton / $750 twins
Start of Medications Fee $250 per cycle
Mock Cycle Fee $250-$500
Dropped Cycle Fee $250-$500
Embryo Transfer Fee $500-$750
Travel Reimbursements, as applicable .56/mile for travel greater than 100 miles roundtrip or airfare
daily food allowance: $50 plus $25 for companian
Lost Wages, if surrogate works or for particular events that allow for spouse/significant other lost wages TBD
Housekeeping allowance for specific events such as bed rest or negotiated for 3rd trimester TBD
Child Care negotiated for specific events TBD
Multiple Fee TBD (generally $2,000-$5,000)

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