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Resolve’s Advocacy Day for High Cost of Infertility Treatments

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We so often find ourselves busy with our day to day activities, work, home, and a milion other things but getting involved with issues that matter to us most can be very empowering and I firmly believe there is power in numbers.  If the costs of infertility treatments have you down, take a look at becoming involved with Resolve’s advocacy to make a change!

Are you angry about the high costs associated with infertility treatments and adoption? Do you want to feel a sense of control while you’re dealing with infertility? Do you want more understanding from your elected officials about the disease of infertility? Stand up and be heard.

Register for RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day on June 25. This is your chance to make an impact and to meet face to face with those leading the discussion on healthcare reform. Together we need to make sure that your elected officials hear firsthand—from people like you—what those touched by infertility need in our healthcare system. Registration is free. RESOLVE will make your appointments and provide you with all the tools you need. According to a survey of staff members in the U.S. Congress, when asked how many constituents they need to hear from on a particular issue before they do something about that issue, the answer was seven. Yes that’s right, only seven constituents. It only takes seven people to talk about an issue for that Senator or Congressperson to research it, perhaps introduce legislation, or otherwise take notice. Candace, can we count on you to be one of those seven people? Because you are a resident of Florida your help is especially needed. Your Senator/Congressperson sits on a committee connected to our issues and it is imperative that someone from your state meets with their key staff in DC. Find out which elected officials need to meet and hear from you. Grab your spouse, partner, best-friend or mom and join us June 25 in Washington D.C. Don’t delay, register for Advocacy Day right now! Federal Advocacy Day was so empowering! I really felt like I was “putting a face” to those who struggle to build their family when we met with members of Congress. It was nice to turn our difficult experience into something so positive for others. Jane C., VA Read more testimonials Check out our interactive Google Map to see who is already coming to Advocacy Day. ________________________________________ REGISTER RESOLVE’s

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