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Surrogacy Hospital Plan

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One important step in the surrogacy process is planning for the birth and delivery also referred to as the surrogacy hospital plan. Often, Intended Parents will arrange to go with their Surrogate to the hospital for a tour. Taking a tour of the hospital where the delivery is planned can take place at any time before or during the pregnancy but often this visit happens at the same time as the 20 week ultrasound which many Intended Parents attend with their Surrogates. Advocates for Surrogacy will provide guidance to Intended Parents and Surrogates during this process with issues that should be discussed amongst the surrogate and Intended Parents and then with the hospital staff.

Most hospitals have a case management department staffed by social workers who assist agency personnel and Intended Parents and Surrogates. Advocates for Surrogacy can help to arrange this tour.

Some important questions include:

1. How many people are allowed in the room for vaginal delivery and for delivery by c-section?
2. Does the hospital have a nursery and if so, what is the hospital’s banding policy for visitors? How many people are allowed to receive bands?
3. If the hospital does not have a separate nursery, what arrangements can be made so that the Intended Parents can have a separate room and stay with the baby?

Once these issues are discussed amongst Surrogates and Intended Parents, about one month prior to the birth, Advocates for Surrogacy will reach out to the case management staff at the hospital and provide a letter outlining the surrogacy hospital plan. This greatly smooths the path when it comes time for delivery.

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