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Surrogate Program Compensation 2023 Summary

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As a surrogate, you will receive excellent compensation and benefits during your journey and a lifetime of personal rewards knowing you gave the most meaningful gift ever to someone who is not able to have a child.  You are truly an extraordinary woman and the financial rewards and benefits you receive should reflect that.   We also invite surrogate candidates to request exceptions to any of the benefits outlined below.


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Sign on Bonus* $1,500
Base Compensation $45,000-50,000 (1st time surrogate)

$60,000+ (experienced surrogate)

Monthly Miscellaneous Expense Fee (based on $300/month x 15 months) $4,500
Start of Medications Fee $1,000
Embryo Transfer Fee $1,000
Maternity Clothing Allowance $1,000


Benefits and Additional Compensation

Health Insurance Provided at no expense to surrogate if needed
Life Insurance $350,000 policy
Lost wages** for surrogate for all surrogacy-related appointments and travel and for doctor ordered bed rest To be determined
Lost wages** for spouse/significant other up to 1 week during the process To be determined
Lost wages** for companion for embryo transfer (up to 3 days if longer stay required by doctor) To be determined
Housekeeping for doctor ordered bed rest To be determined
Overnight dog care for required overnight travel $60/day max
Additional child care for surrogacy-related appointments To be determined
Twin pregnancy for additional fetus $10,000
Termination/Selective Reduction/Ectopic Pregnancy

Mock Cycle/Dropped Cycle


$1,500 (incl. start of meds)

Surrogacy Related Travel

All travel expenses paid including mileage (.63/mile or as set by the IRS), hotels and airfare (arranged and paid by agency), additional child care, overnight dog boarding, uber/taxi, food allowance for travel > 8 hours.

You are never out of pocket for these expenses.

Legal Considerations

You receive your own expert attorney to represent you during for your contract with Intended Parents.  Candace O’Brien, our Founder and Director is a lawyer.  She will not represent the Intended Parents nor you (each of you will have your own attorney representing you) but Candace believes strongly that an agency must ensure that the requirements, expectations of the contract between a surrogate and her Intended Parents is fair and reasonable to both sides.   You will find Candace is an invaluable asset to you during this process.

Financial Benefits

Candace is sensitive that surrogates should not have to go out of pocket for surrogacy related expenses.  If you are traveling, for example, you will receive all estimated expenses and reimbursements BEFORE travel.

All monies due you in your agreement with Intended Parents is deposited in an insured escrow account for disbursement to you under the terms of your contract. Candace will work with you and the escrow company to ensure you receive timely payments.

Agency Support

 You are embarking on a personal journey to help others have a child they cannot and you deserve personal support and service along the way….

Personal Support from a PRO- You will work with Candace O’Brien EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and not be handed from one person to another depending on the day, time, week.  Candace will guide you through each step, coordinate appointments, arrange travel, ensure you are paid for surrogacy related expenses timely and ahead of time.  Working with fertility clinics can be challenging at times.  Candace is right there with you, making sure things get done, you understand the process and your questions are answered.

Candace is there for you 24/7!

Once you are pregnant, you will have monthly one on one counseling support with a licensed mental health professional.

Advocates for Surrogacy has a private Facebook support group that includes former and current surrogates.

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*Sign on bonus is paid before a surrogate starts medications and after she successfully completes her medical and psychological screening and  enters into surrogacy agreement with Intended Parents

**Lost wages based on documented wage information