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Most Frequent Questions from Women Considering to Become a Surrogate

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becoming-a-surrogateThere are a few frequent questions that we get asked by almost all surrogate candidates:

  1.  What if the Intended Parents change their minds once I’m pregnant?
  2. What is something happens to the Intended Parents and I’m pregnant?
  3. What about insurance?  I’m not insured.

Surrogates are excited about the prospect of helping someone who can’t have a child BUT they usually aren’t too excited about the prospect of having another child to care for if something were to go wrong. The answer to both of these questions is that you don’t have to worry and here is why.

You are not biologically related to this child and when you enter into the agreement with your Intended Parents, the agreement is clear on this point and lays out that you are not the parent and have no legal rights to the child.  The child would not become your responsibility.  We also have Intended Parents designate guardians so if something were to happen to them during your pregnancy, a legal process would take place in which the designated guardians would take custody of the child.

Another protection that we put in place is that prior to the beginning of the medical process, compensation due a surrogate under the contract is placed in escrow with an independent escrow company so that once pregnant, the surrogate is safe financially.

Having adequate health insurance is essential.  We always ensure that health insurance is in place so that a surrogate does not have to worry about medical bills.