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Apply to Become A Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate will be one of the proudest accomplishments of your life. Advocates for Surrogacy offers our surrogates the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your journey to become a surrogate will be safe, secure and stress-free by:

  • Ensuring surrogates are properly insured so you don’t get hit with unpaid medical bills
  • Establishing an escrow account so that you are ensured of timely payments and reimbursements
  • Having independent legal counsel
  • Honoring you as a unique individual whose journey should reflect individual needs and requirements
  • Matching you with Intended Parents carefully and skillfully
  • Guiding you through the process each and every step of the way
  • Being available for surrogates when you need support
  • Not feeling like a number and being bounced around

Our agency is not just about matching.  We are there for you throughout the whole process.  We will guide you, provide support, a listening ear, mediate any issues you may have with your Intended Parents, and serve as a resource.   Our mission is to handle the administrative aspects of your journey so that you can concentrate on your pregnancy.  The gift that you bestow on Intended Parents is no less than a miracle and your journey should be joyful and stress-free.  If you meet the qualification requirements, please take 2 minutes to complete our online application to get started!

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