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Medical Costs of Surrogacy

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Medical costs of surrogacy are often the lion’s share of overall costs of the surrogacy arrangement.   Expense categories include: Fertility Clinic Costs for Surrogacy Medical Screening of surrogate candidates; Medical Screening of egg donors (if needed); Medical Screening of Intended Parents; In vitro Fertilization (IVF); Frozen Embryo Transfer frozen transfer costs; Surrogacy Insurance Medical   …Continue Reading

Gay Surrogacy Financial Support

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Men Having Babies offers networking, support groups, seminars throughout the world and a great deal of needed resources for gay men seeking to become parents through surrogacy.  Most recently they have added a financial assistance program to their cache of support services.  The surrogacy journey is costly and this type of program is much needed.  For more   …Continue Reading

Using Donated Embryos for Your Surrogacy Arrangement

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Using donated embryos for your surrogacy arrangement can result in significant cost savings and is even an alternative to consider for those thinking about adoption. Many individuals and couples who have gone through IVF have remaining embryos that have been frozen and that they don’t plan to use in the future.  These individuals or couples   …Continue Reading

Why are Surrogacy Costs So High?

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A successful surrogacy outcome requires several teams of professionals and trained personnel and when one begins to take a closer look at these teams, why they are needed, and the role they play in ensuring Intended Parents that they have a successful and positive surrogacy experience, the costs involved begin to make sense.