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COVID-19 Update

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The team at Advocates for Surrogacy is keeping a close eye on COVID-19 and the recommendations being given by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). ASRM is providing guidance to fertility clinics beginning to open and in recognition that infertility is a serious disease and so continuing to offer medical services to those facing   …Continue Reading

From Infertility to Adoption or Surrogacy: Making the Transition

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Infertility can strike in many ways. It might be a known result of a medical issue in the past. It might not. It might be that you are going through life and everything is going well – got the degree, good job, career humming along, found the person you want to share the journey with,   …Continue Reading

Surrogacy versus adoption

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Those faced with infertility or those with societal hurdles such as gays and lesbians have options to consider in their quest to become parents; mainly, adoption versus surrogacy. The decision of which option is the best is profoundly personal and dictated by many factors such as the importance of a genetic relationship to the child,   …Continue Reading