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The Role of a Surrogacy Agency

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If you are deciding whether to work with a surrogacy agency, here is what you need to know: a surrogacy agency must do much more than find a surrogate for you. A surrogacy agency must take time to carefully understand your needs, your budget, and the characteristics of your ideal surrogate candidate. Depending on your   …Continue Reading

Surrogacy?! Why Don’t They Just Adopt?

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I was recently at a dinner party and another guest asked me what I do for a living.  When I responded that I do adoption and surrogacy, her response was:  “I don’t agree with surrogacy!  Why don’t they just adopt?  There are so many children who need homes!”  As someone who has been helping build   …Continue Reading

Why are Surrogacy Costs So High?

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A successful surrogacy outcome requires several teams of professionals and trained personnel and when one begins to take a closer look at these teams, why they are needed, and the role they play in ensuring Intended Parents that they have a successful and positive surrogacy experience, the costs involved begin to make sense.