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surrogacy blogAdvocates for Surrogacy is a full service agency.  We provide thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate support to Intended Parents and surrogates.  Part of our role is to stay current on trends and news and to share this information with the surrogacy community.

Advocates for Surrogacy’s blog is a place where we present longer articles about a variety of topics including egg donation, the process current news items, and resources.  We provide useful information on the matching process.  We provide updates on legal issues related to surrogacy.  We provide analysis of recent trends and news items.  We provide commentary and opinion on  issues that we believe are important.  We strive to keep you informed of the latest news and trends.  Assisted Reproductive Technology is continually changing throughout the world.  We do our best to  keep you informed.

From Infertility to Surrogacy: Making the Transition

Infertility can strike in many ways. It might be a known result of a medical issue in the past. It might not. It might be that you are going through life and everything is going well – got the degree, good job, career humming along, found the person you want to share the journey with,   …Continue Reading

Surrogacy Hospital Plan

One important step in the surrogacy process is planning for the birth and delivery also referred to as the surrogacy hospital plan. Often, Intended Parents will arrange to go with their Surrogate to the hospital for a tour. Taking a tour of the hospital where the delivery is planned can take place at any time   …Continue Reading

Gay Parenting: Numbers reflect need for community support

The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law reviewed findings from four recent large, national, population-based surveys to derive estimates of the size of the LGBT community and same-sex married and unmarried couple families. Findings included that same-sex couples were raising an estimated 200,000 children under the age of 18, of whom 30,000 are being   …Continue Reading

Surrogacy: Lessons Learned from Texas Case Gone Awry

The recent case of Joe Riggs and Jason Hanna, a married couple from Washington, D.C., who had twins using a gestational surrogate in Texas is a case that serves as an important reminder about how important it is to understand fully the legal process in a particular state and how important it is that the   …Continue Reading

Establishing Parentage for Gay Couples in Surrogacy Arrangements

Establishing parentage for gay couples in surrogacy arrangements is not necessarily accomplished by being named on the birth certificate. There is a common misconception that if your name appears on a birth certificate, this is enough to establish parentage rights.  It is important to understand that having one’s name appear on a child’s birth certificate is evidence   …Continue Reading

Cost of Surrogacy: Navigating Medical Costs

The medical costs involved in a surrogacy arrangement including screening of surrogate candidates, egg donors, intended parents, IVF costs, frozen transfer costs, prenatal care and delivery can be overwhelming.   First, there is the medical terminology and the medical process that one has to grasp:  oocytes, embryos, ovarian stimulation, implantation, synchronization, IVF, ICSI, assisted hatching   …Continue Reading

Gay Surrogacy Financial Support

Men Having Babies offers networking, support groups, seminars throughout the world and a great deal of needed resources for gay men seeking to become parents through surrogacy.  Most recently they have added a financial assistance program to their cache of support services.  The surrogacy journey is costly and this type of program is much needed.  For more   …Continue Reading

Use of ART Procedures Has Doubled in the Last Decade

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collects statistics from fertility clinics on procedures using Assisted Reproductive Technologies  The CDC estimates the use of ART Procedures has doubled over the past 10 years with gestational surrogates being involved in one percent of the ART cycles performed in 2008.  According to a recent report from the   …Continue Reading

Using Donated Embryos for Your Surrogacy Arrangement

Using donated embryos for your surrogacy arrangement can result in significant cost savings and is even an alternative to consider for those thinking about adoption. Many individuals and couples who have gone through IVF have remaining embryos that have been frozen and that they don’t plan to use in the future.  These individuals or couples   …Continue Reading

Discussing Surrogacy with Children, Family, Friends and Yourself

An article appeared today in boston.com, “Moms’” section:  Explaining Your Surrogacy to Your Children.  The article gives surrogate moms good advice about how to explain to your young children why the baby bump is not going to become a new brother or sister.  But, I think the article is a reminder of how many people   …Continue Reading